all i really need help with is my marketing...

Awesome!  We love to work on developing strategic plans that include multi-layered advertising campaigns including traditional and non-traditional media.  Leveraging multiple investments is our specialty so your practice will get the most out of every dollar!

What about this 'formula'?

Yes!  You will love working with Greg and going through the system.  He breaks everything down and finds new revenue streams combined with learning to maximize your team… it's truly a genius process to see.  Greg stays on top of everything Dental and TMJ/Sleep related so there is no shortage of production opportunities.

we are a good fit… now what?

We get to work!  We look at all facets of your business and see where we can immediately make an impact to produce the most time and cost efficient results.  Then we set up long range goals and make sure that everything we do today is impacting the big picture.

Where do i start?

Great question!  Call or email us and we will get some paperwork over for your review. Then we set up a time to talk about your goals and to see if we are good fit to help you grow your practice.    

doctor development

Transition and professional growth are imperative for you to reach your optimal lifestyle.  This Doctor to Doctor service allows for intimate conversations and coaching to happen.

marketing & outreach

We will work together to fine-tune your current campaigns and then amplify them with new patient acquisition & retention techniques and multi-layered advertising programs.  Leveraging investments is our specialty and we live by the motto that we don't get competitive, we get creative!    

Operational management

Employing and empowering the right team is crucial to reaching your goals.  Change management isn't easy and knowing what technology at what time to invest in can be tricky.  We have a formula to take the guess work out so you can reach your goals efficiently.  

Strategic Planning Process

Through a series of assessments, we will determine together your goals through a strategic planning process and execute at your desired pace.  Not all plans include all of our services and some like our advertising techniques are available as an individual service.